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Blurred Lines


To start this lovely week, here’s an outfit post with the most awesome Maje print trousers. Lately, I’ve been having so much anxiety thinking about how time flies. Just the other day I was mentioning how quickly the year has gone by, can you believe we’re already three months away from beginning the year 2014?  Someone please take me back. 
As much as I would love to go back in time, I can’t help but appreciate and enjoy life even more as I grow. Don’t get me wrong, aging freaks me out but I love how with age, every day because a learning lesson and a gift. Like Drake mentions on his track Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music 2 – “tables turn, bridges burn, you live n’ learn”. Which is what I would like to get through to everyone in this post. Life is a continuous test, you make life changing decisions everyday and you live n’ learn to eventually make the right decisions. I probably should keep all of this for the last days of the year, yet I feel like sharing my thoughts on how the year isn’t over yet. Whatever you had planned on accomplishing or creating, there’s still some time left, so get your sh** together and do what you had planned on doing this year, go for it! 
Have a wonderful week!

Photographed by Maciek Wilkos

Tank A.L.C
Trousers Maje
Sunnies Celine
Necklace Jennifer Zeuner