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Hey everyone, today’s blog post is dedicated to Lorde. Not only is she one of my favorite artists at the moment but she completely inspires and motivates me. The first time I heard her single “Royals” playing on the radio, I instantly fell in love. 
The initial thought that came to mind about this fast growing artist was; “She’s going to be the Britney Spears of our generation”, and soon enough that is exactly what is happening. As mentioned in her lyrics “I’m little but I’m coming for the crown. I’m little but I’m coming for yah! I’m little but I’m coming for the title held by everyone who’s up!” She is a new era of musical genre.

One of the reasons I decided to write a blog post is to wish her an early 17 birthday which is on November 7, yes that is correct she is only 16, shocker isn’t it? A side from the fact that her birthday is coming up, she just recently launched her first album on September 27, good for you Lorde!

Unlike her popular hit “Royals” and new hit single “Team”, I decided to show you guys the song entitled “Still Sane” featured on her new album. In the second verse when she says ; “All work and no play…”; I find these lyrics demonstrate a period of my life that I’m living right now. I think everyone can somewhat relate to what she is portraying in her lyrics in at least one of her songs, which is what I believe is the quality of a true artist.

Happy Early 17th Birthday Lorde, Ride High!!!!!
Oh and, I wish everyone a beautiful week!