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Isabel Marant


Hey guys, this week I find myself feeling exhausted and drained. I feel like I have no energy, which is strange since I just came back from getting an intake of Vitamin D that should last up until my next vacation.
This is probably caused by my crazy weekend spent in the Bahamas or the gloomy snowy weather, we’ve been getting. Yes, I said it, snowy!!!!!! Yesterday was our first snowfall, here in Montreal. I actually don’t mind the first couple weeks of snow, I find it puts you in just the right amount of holiday spirit. What really ticks me off is when I return from my holiday getaways and the beautiful white crisp snow has turned into some brown slushy dirt.
In my last post, I was wearing a pair of pants from the Isabel Marant for H&M collection and in this post I’m wearing a jacket from the same collection. Hope you guys love it just as much as I do, if you don’t already know I’m completely obsessed with anything Isabel Marant. To find out if you are an Isabel Marant girl, check out the post made by WhoWhatWear to know what’s missing in your closet to create the perfect french girl style. I will be dedicating this entire week to the collaboration of Isabel Marant for H&M.
I wish everyone a great rest of week, rest assure its almost over!
Thank you so much for visiting and reading! 

Photographed by Maciek Wilkos

Blazer Isabel Marant X H&M
Tank Zara 
Pants Hudson from James Boutique
Necklace Jennifer Zeuner