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Cookie Stefanie


I honestly cannot believe an entire week has gone by since I last did an outfit post. I’ve been so caught up with my studies, that working on the blog has been quite strenuous. Thankfully, my next few weeks are filled with celebrations and travelling.
It’s beanie/hat season, yayy!!! I have a soft spot for all accessories, but when it comes to head pieces I can’t contain my excitement. I love almost any piece that can be worn as a head accessory. Mainly because they’re able to transform any dull look, into a more stylish cool one.
This outfit was taken last month, before any ice crystals forming into white flakes had fallen from the sky. You can probably understand better now how I was able to pull off not wearing a jacket. My friend Kristol and I, spent the day strolling through Old Montreal and found the most adorable bakery called Cookie Stefanie
Normally, I wouldn’t wear shorts in the winter time. However, I found adding a pair of tights and knee high boots gave the look a pretty flattering remark. While shooting, I could not get over how adorable my sweater was. The only annoying trait about this furry sweetness; it sheds an absurd amount. I have a solution for all of you that own an angora shedding sweater like this one. If you intended on wearing your sweater the next day, I suggest to fold it neatly into a zippered plastic bag and place it in the freezer. The freezing action helps control the angora.  
I hope everyone’s been having a wonderful and not too stressful week!
Thank you so much for visiting and reading, it means the world to me!
I would love to read your thoughts on my outfit or any outfit ideas you guys would like me to wear, so please don’t be shy in commenting below. I read all comments and each one brings me tremendous joy.

Photography by Maciek Wilkos

Sweater Club Monaco
Shorts Zara 
Sunnies Celine
Beanie Club Monaco
Boots Chanel
Purse Givenchy