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Penthouse Party

Photographed by Jasmine Monti

I clearly haven’t been updating as much as I would want, due to all the craziness that goes on during the holidays. Here’s a shot from a surprise birthday party planned by my brother for his beautiful girlfriend this Thursday December 18. 
One of my biggest peeves is not updating the blog. Here’s what’s happened since, I went to this beautiful surprise party, followed by some christmas shopping and christmas dinner, then awoke to pack for Florida, which is where I am making this post right now.
These past months have been filled with exciting travels and I feel so lucky to be in constant movement. I hope everyone has been getting into the holiday spirit with school done and christmas right around the corner (plus all the gifts 🙂 there’s surely something that can put a smile on that face. Montreal has practically turned into a snow globe. It’s been snowing for five days straight now, some would think we’ve become the new North Pole. All that to say, I’m happy I’m in the south at the moment. Wherever you are from, I wish everyone happy holidays!!!
Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend
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