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Unusual Weather



Like most people, I’m not a huge fan of mondays, which is why when I made my school schedule, I left mondays wide open so my days could be devoted to running errands.
To avoid dreary mondays, let’s rewind to the beautiful weekend we just had here in Montreal. The weather was so kind that I was able to go outdoors with only some layers and a leather jacket. I know the snow on the ground might have you thinking otherwise, but for me to be in sneakers and a tiny jacket it had to of been warm. Especially, since I can’t bare the cold for more than 5 minutes.
The sun really helps brighten up everything. You can probably tell that it inspired me to get a head start on spring, thus what led to such a colourful laid back outfit.
I hope everyone has a beautiful week!



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Photographed by Sabrina Grassi
Leather Jacket Joie
Jeans Rag & Bone
Sunnies Céline
Sneakers Isabel Marant