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Better Weather

Hey babes, as I’m writing up this post, a million and one things are going through my head. Like the fact that I have a huge marketing test in two days on approximetaly 19 chapters and I have yet to open my book or how stressed I am about finals. It’s seriously overwhelming, luckily there’s only about 3 weeks left until I get to just relax and enjoy the summer heat.

Here’s a look I put together, I actually lived in these Blank NYC vegan leather pants all winter. They were the perfect pair of leather to add to any outfit.

I have a really shitty immune system and I get sick pretty often. This turtleneck sweater is the perfect piece for someone like me. I didn’t have to wear a scarf since the sweater kept my neck from being exposed to the cold, this refraining me from getting sick.

As soon as school is done, I will be on the hunt of a new purse, my bag craving has been immensely growing and I think everyone deserves to treat themselves a little after all the hard work that has been put into school.

Wishing everyone goodluck with all their finals!

Thanks so much to everyone who follows along with TheBohoFlow.



Photographer Maciek Wilkos
Coat Sandro
Turtleneck Sweater 360sweater
Purse CĂ©line
Vegan Leather Skinny Pants BlankNYC