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Purple Is The New Blonde

HIIIIIIII, way too excited to be back in blogging mode. What’s been happening on my end, well I’ve returned from my Eurotrip of Monaco, Paris, Sicily, Tuscany (for a wedding) & Rome to a broken laptop screen, which is what caused such a delay on getting back into posting.

Europe was nothing less than I had imagined, from the historical Eiffel tower, Colosseum to the gorgeous sights of Monaco & mouth watering platters of pasta & paninis’ in Sicily. One would think that after all that pasta my weight would of become uncontrollable. Luckily, when in Europe walking is a really common trend in which everyone takes part in. Therefore, I would just shred the weight right off from the overload of carbs. I’m not kidding when I say I had pasta for breakfast, lunch & supper, it was just so good. Unlike here, the pomodori(tomatoes) were so sweet & fresh, only in Sicily though not very much in Rome. I’ve also heard that the food in Florence is just as delicious. I’ll be posting some pictures soon from Paris, Sicily, Rome but for now you can check out my Instagram account @cristinamonti where I shared my best/favourite travelling moments.

Here’s a look I shot before leaving for Europe, when I had freshly added purple to my tips. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

I’m off to Miami on Saturday, woot woot! There seems to always be something interesting happening in the summertime.

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My daily arm swag consists of mainly silver or white gold. I enjoy both yellow & white gold but silver always seems to blend well with everything.

If you’re a girl/young lady, basically any female under the age of 30 should own a summer mini and black/white tanks in their wardrobe. You can never go wrong with basic pieces like a tank & cute mini.


Photographer Ver Sepasi
Tank Equipment
Sandals Isabel Marant
Purse Chanel
Sunnies Céline
Beaded Cardigan TopShop