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Concluding Summer




Hi, little recap of what’s been happening on my end. I’ve been pretty much relaxing and taking in whatever’s left of summer. School started last week and like the crazy procrastinator that lives in me, I still have yet to make a full time student schedule. Obviously that doesn’t worry me, it’ll get done just like everything else I do.


Here’s a look I shot in the beginning of summer, during the time that I was getting my purple locks touched up every second week. The purple in my hair was starting to become a responsibility in which I had no more patience for. I’m now taking a break from wild colours. Mainly because my friend/hair colourist is preggers and cannot be applying chemicals in my hair at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll be doing some fun colours in the new year, but for now I’ll be keeping my regular ombre hair colour.


My favourite part of this look is the romper, bet you didn’t know it was a romper, well it is! I love it so much that I also have it in white. I find it so easy to just put on when I have no idea what to wear. It’s cool that I was able to implement my denim jacket with leather sleeves in this look. I think I’ve worn this jacket one or two times so I liked that I was able to make use out of it by pairing both.


It’s my brothers birthday today, so I’ll be going out dinner later, can’t believe how fast time goes by. Wishing you all a beautiful rest of week!


With Love,









This is my first proenza schouler bag that I ever bought and its colour still remains bright and beautiful.




Loved the purple so much, i definitely miss it when I’m reminded how awesome and pretty it looks.






Pretty silver arm candy, crochet detailing with a pop of fuchsia in the backdrop.



Photographed by Ver Sepasi



Denim jacket with leather sleeves Rag & Bone
Romper Mika & Gala
Sandals Chanel