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Autumn Shades

Hey guys, my exhaustion level has surpassed every time I’ve ever felt tired. Towards every end of year, I travel with my family to the Caribbean for the holidays. It’s around this exact time of year that I start counting down until that vacation happens. The months of October, November & December always seem to be most tiring. Quite probably since they’re the last ones of the year and people tend to try and cram everything that they would of hoped to achieve within that year in these last three months. That’s how I feel anyway.

I’m trying to finish redecorating my living space, recording new material in studio (if you don’t know I love to sing), finish yet another school semester and blog as frequent and often as possible. Unfortunately, I had a few bumps along the road this year, which caused me to slow down on a few of my projects. Like always, I’m not worried of the outcome, things will work out just the way they’re meant too.

I’m hosting another event this coming Thursday, October 30th at the Mimi & Coco boutique on Laurier street in Montreal. Come and join us for bubbles and biscottis all while shopping the #FALLFORSANCTUARY collection!

Wishing you all a great rest of week!

With Love,




Photographer Anthony Bachour
Complete look Sanctuary Clothing
Two-Tone Tote Celine