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Here’s what’s been going on lately, I’ve been dog sitting my friends massive Doberman since the end of last week. My friend needed someone to take care of her dog so she can bounce off to Costa Rica. I, the kind person I am, offered to help out, I was convinced the minute she mentioned that I’d be living in  her condo. So basically like a mini vacation home away from home. It’s been quite the experience. As much as I have a love for dogs, big ones are just not made for me. Don’t get me wrong they’re much more loving and affectianate than they appear but the maintenance behind having a big dog is too much for a small girl like me to handle.

I’m one that tries to sleep in as late as possible in the morning, but when dog sitting I get waken up every morning by huge slobbers. Sounds fun but its really not. I also need to walk him about 4 times a day, so yeah its been quite the adventure. I recommend getting a big dog when you’re really ready for the responsibility and preferably if you’re more than just one person taking care of them.

On another note, it was my birthday over the past weekend. Kept my celebrations pretty minimal and intimate this year. A diner with my closest friends at an incredibly delicious restaurant called Park on avenue Victoria then went out for some drinks. I honestly recommend Park to any Japanese fusion lover, it was incredible. So since the beginning of the week, I’ve mainly been taking care of this dog or as I like to call him this horse.

Wishing you all a great rest of week

With Love,



I know the alexander wang & hm collaboration passed, but I still have some cool shots to share. Love how well ver captured this huge neoprene crop wang sweater.

As you can see, I wear a lot of black during this time of year. I’m also supper obsessed with my backpack from the collection. I’ve been using it every day since i got my hands on it. I seriously recommend investing  in a sturdy backpack, they’re the best!