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Happy holidays everyone!

I arrived in Florida last night, I’m officially on Holiday break. I’m so happy to be away in the beautiful Floridian heat over the holidays. This week I plan on mostly sleeping, preferably on a beach or by a pool.

Last night before getting on my flight, I made my way home around 4:30 pm. I needed to be packed and ready to go by 5pm for a 2 week vacation. If you can just imagine the rush that was happening in my household. My father yelling at everyone in his way to be prepared to leave the house in the next 30 minutes. The shocking part, I was the first one out of the house not to mention that as I was leaving for the airport, my dad was jumping in the shower. All of that yelling and rushing for no reason, we’re a pretty hectic family but I sort of enjoy it better that way. There’s always something hilarious going down at home. If you were wondering, I still live at home. Coming from an Italian family, it just doesn’t make any sense to be living elsewhere before marriage. Trust me, all I want is my own place but I always think to myself; all in time, there’s no rush.

Wishing you all heartwarming holidays!

With Love,



Nothing screams holiday spirit better than sparklers & succulent ferrero rocher chocolates.

The primary colours that come to mind during holiday time are gold, red and abundances of glitters, sparkles, fur & sequins. Ferrero Rocher is the perfect holiday sweetooth treat for any chocolate lover. I find them to be the epitome of holiday spirit.


Photographer Jasmine Monti
Sequin shorts Asks by Warehouse
Chocolat Ferrero Rocher