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Finally came around to editing some awesome shots in a cool TRIANGL swimwear bikini from the Bahamas. This is officially the first post of 2015. I know it’s long overdue but HAPPY New Years’ guys!!! I hope the start of the new year has been treating you well. I for one, haven’t been doing much, simply since there isn’t much to do during this freezing cold period in Montreal. There’s exciting new big changes happening to the site very soon, hoping most of you will still follow this new wave. I’m so excited and scared all at once.

School has started a few weeks now. During the first week of school, I was suppose to be in Barbados. Due to unfortunate reasons, I never ended up fleeing the city, which is seriously depressing considering how delicate and frail I am towards these below zero weather conditions. I’ll eventually move someplace that doesn’t require bundling up to the point of preventing frostbite from occurring but for now I try to make the best out of it by staying in as much as possible and enjoying weekends up north in the mountains.

Hope everyone’s having a beautiful week!

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Photographer Sarabeth Vissa