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Second Skin




Woke up yesterday with an annoying pain in my throat and really bad cold. I’m still a little ill and in the process of slowly recovering. I’m in the midst of renovations at home so everything in my house is all over the place, which I personally don’t mind but also really can’t wait for it to be a little more organized. I’m really looking forward to sharing some pictures of my new space with you guys.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week!

With Love,





As I get older, I much rather basic pieces in basic colours just like the pieces in this exact look.

I purchased these club master shades at the airport duty free and cannot stop myself from wearing them.



It’s beanie season! The one featured in these shots keeps me warm and stylish at the same time.

Been obsessing over these Prada patent leather lace-up combat boots for quite some time now. I’m so happy I was able to get my hands on them last month in my size and on sale. They’re just so dope!

This cameo jacket is a definite staple piece, it’ll add swag and cool vibe to any outfit. I really love that it’s perforated, such a unique windbreaker.

Ver Sepasi Photographer
Harem Pants Cameo Nouveau noir
Perforated Jacket Cameo Nouveau noir
Cashmere Scarf Kingsley
Boots Prada