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After days and days and days of working on the new blog, all I have to say is IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!!! Try and picture me yelling that at the top of my lungs all while doing some weird dance, or you can actually just watch me do so on my snapchat @cristinamonti.

The new TBF has way more to offer, you creative ones will receive frequent updates with a variety of all things I, a free spririted creative soul, enjoy! From fashion (duh!) to interior deco, to how to eat and live a healthy simple lifestyle and least not forget MUSIC. As for now, you guys might of noticed a playlist located on the main page to the right. That list is what I’m jamming to in my car when I’m on my way to some appointment or meeting. It’s also the playlist that wakes me up in the morning, that keeps me going when I’m feeling down or discouraged, or even the playlist that keeps me sane while travelling far distances.

This new blog will give you a serious insiders perspective of what I’m feeling, thinking and even craving. Basically, I’ll be sharing my life with you from now on. It’s exciting but kinda stressful all at the same time. For someone who’s so at peace with themselves, I tend to suffer from a mild case of anxiety. Then I think to myself don’t we all suffer from a minor or major case of anxiety at some point or another in a day. Yeah, that’s right, a day because sadly that’s how often I worry, a few times a day. To each there own right!?

Enough about my flaws, I’m getting overwhelmed just talking about it. My daily dosage is now over since I get to share all I’ve been keeping hidden from you guys. Hope you all love and enjoy this new space just as much as I do. What I’m looking forward to most is getting to know you guys more, what you like and dislike and how we’ll be able to talk about everything creative and fun together.

I thought I’d open up the new blog with a fresh, clean & new summer look that includes an awesome sleeveless blazer by my new favourite online shop They’re basically the hottest online store right now so if you don’t know, now you know, you’re welcome!

_MG_4403Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a really good pair of dark wash denim shorts. I’ve been wearing out the vintage Levi’s featured in these pictures for over two summers now and they still remain my favourite. Most probably since the rips, patches and tears are placed precisely where they should be and the wash is just the added bonus needed to be voted #1 in my dresser.

If you love chokers and you know it clap your hands clap, clap!!! Guilty, I’ve fallen for the choker trend but only because it’s freaking awesome and looks so good wrap around any neck.

Photographer Simon Cauvier Goupil
Tank Editorial
Sleeveless White Blazer Coveted Basics
Shorts Vintage Levi's - Urban Outfitters
Heels Barbara Bui (old)
Purse Celine
Dainty Rings Deux Lions Jewelry
Watch Rolex