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Amalfi Coast Getaway

TBF does Italy

It’s that time of year again; summer vacation! I want to hear where my favourites bohemians are going this summer? Which beautiful worldly spot will you choose to spend your blissful weeks of rest & fun?



I have been an eager beaver when it comes to travelling these days, I’ve got the travel bug and the only remedy is a new stamp on my passport and a one way ticket to… ITALY! Can I give you a little run down of what the boho flow’s perfect getaway would be: I have been dreaming in green, white and red this past little while, I can’t exactly pin point where I was, or who I was with when I was first shown a photograph of the Amalfi Coast, but one thing was for certain; I was instantly & hopelessly in love with it.



I’ve been yearning to stay at the beautiful Hotel & Spa at Monastero Santa Rosa, oh what a sight it is too see! Just imagine, getting a relaxing massage by the infinity pool that sits on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Does it even get better then that?


I am definitely a water baby, and the Amalfi Coast is known for its crystal blue ocean that is completely engulfed by the tiny, perfect villages that rest on it’s steep, rolling hills. The beautiful cobalt blue colour that makes the ocean look so very peaceful in a way that makes you want to just sit and watch the waves rock back and forth onto the sandy, white beaches without even touching it. Don’t get me wrong, after I’m done watching the ocean in all it’s glory, I will willingly canon ball into it with a big fat smile on my face. And the food…oh goodness that delicious, amazing Italian food! I want to sit on the terrace of Al Marincanto, located in Positano overlooking the ocean, with fuchsia pink flowers dangling from every corner, while eating perfectly grilled squid& calamari. I hear their seafood risotto is utter perfection.


Last but not least, shopping!! I mean a girl such as myself cannot go to one of the fashion capitals of the world and not dabble in a little Italian couture. I hear that Bottega di Brunella keeps the local women chic and fashionable all year round, a definite must try.

Now enough of this day dreaming, time to book that flight!

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