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It’s been a while. Unfortunately, due to poor wifi reception EVERYWHERE 🙁 I was unable to keep you guys updated on everything that was going on over in Greece, but I have to say it was one hell of a trip. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and definitely one of the best trips of my life.

I left my city with one suitcase, two carry ons and NO itinerary. Every day in Greece was an adventure, my friends and I barely ever knew where we were staying at most nights but in all it was awesome. We left Corfu to visit some beautiful island about an hour away by ferry called Paxos and Antipaxos. These were my all time favourite destinations. The water was as clear as Caribbean waters, baby baby blue. Then we made our way back to Corfu where we would take another ferry ride to Lefkada. This island is known for their grand beaches and again crystal blue waters. I have to say I got the best workout of my life in Lefkada. Hiking up and down mountains all day long was exhausting but sooo worth the exercise. Not only was it a great spiritual experience for my mind, body and soul, but the view at the end of every hike left me at lose of words for its priceless beauty.

Our before last destination, Kefalonia, was yet again another beautiful large vast mountainy vibe. Since it had been already 10 days of touring the same beautiful scenery, we decided to pack our bags and head towards the southern aegean sea to visit the beautiful island of Santorini to get a complete different feel from Greece before I sadly had to head back home again.

As corny as this may sound, we definitely saved the best for last. From Oia’s world renowned sunsets to the last of what was left of a volcanic eruption, thus the gorgeous island of Santorini. I’m sooooooo happy to have been able to visit both beautiful sides of Greece.

For more photos of my Greece trip follow me on instagram @cristinamonti or on snapchat: @cristinamonti. Wishing everyone

Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead!

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Wore this look a few times this summer. Completely adore this long sleeve crop top by Sachika boutique, it’s so perfect for colder summer nights. Also always love a good versatile skirt like this one from obviously Zara, if worn properly, it could very well pass during any annual season.

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I always prefer investing more in key accessory pieces like these aqauzzura flats and a good vintage Chanel backpack rather than splurging on clothing. Unless the article of clothing is a unique or classic piece than of course the splurge is well worth but otherwise I’ll definitely spend more on beautiful shoes and a good bag.


Skirt Zara
Backpack Vintage Chanel
Flats Aquazzura