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Keep It Casual


IT’S FRIDAYYY!!! What better way to enjoy it than with the ultimate casual cool Friday outfit. Weeks go by much to quickly during this time of year. To all my procrastinators friends out there, I believe it to be due to the fact that we all started realizing the end of year is approaching and we try to cram everything we had hoped to accomplish over the year within 4 months. Yeah, good luck with that, you’re gunna need it!!!

I actually lived in these Aritzia shorts over the summer, they’re THE bomb! If you follow the blog you must already know by now that I have a complete obsession with Aritzia. Only because they seriously know what’s up! The sweater worn in these pictures is from Aritzia as well. Crushing over it hard, simply since it can easily be worn during any of the 4 seasons we receive here in Montreal.

Wishing all you babes an awesome weekend!

With Love,






Sunglasses Ray-Bans
Purse Vintage Chanel
Sneakers Iro