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Street Denim Dress Chic


I have a message for all crooks out there, for the love of god, PLEASE GET A LIFE OR A JOB that way you won’t have too steal shit from innocent people like myself.

I dined at this well renowned restaurant by the name of Jatoba on Saturday night for a friends birthday. Everything about this hotspot is cool. Their japanese asian fusion menu is just soooooo good, my fave platters were; the eggplant fried dumplings, the brussels sprout chips, their yellowtail tuna and their incredible duck asian fried rice.  They also have a killer interior modern contemporary industrial design, which makes this locale a definite must try for all Montreal foodies. I think what really sets this restaurant a part from most is their exterior terrace, it’s like oh-em-gee beautiful. Like I just can’t style beautiful. So yeah, it’s a MUST.

The only negative factor about this great new spot is its location. It’s located in Philip square, which is not the best of areas. So, getting back to the sentence that started this post, a criminal broke into my car and stole my Givenchy Antigona bag. Obviously I was devastated that my purse was stolen and that my back right car window was shattered but I think the most heart breaking part were the contents within my bag. I had my external hard drive to my computer in this bag. I haven’t felt myself since the whole break-in. I fully feel personally violated. I just wanted to reach out to girls that are somewhat like me, those who tend to leave a shit tone of stuff in their car and hopefully save you from complete heartbreak, just don’t do it! Take the time to at least place everything in your trunk. This is the 4th time this happens to me, and so help me as god is my witness it will be my last.

Now, I just want to go over this look a little with you guys. I obsessed hard over these gladiator shoes by Chloe that I purchased over the summer. Although it isn’t summer weather anymore, I still find a denim dress to be appropriate. I still think it’s okay to wear a denim dress with a leather jacket and sneakers. Also, wore these Dior shades all summer long.

Happy Hump Day, wishing you all a great rest of week!

With Love,








Dress Zara
Shoes Chloe
Bag Chloe (old)
Sunglasses Dior