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First Look Of 2016



Happy New Year babes!!! Do you guys think its still appropriate to wish someone a happy new year mid-January!? This seems to always become a topic of conversation between friends when a new year strikes. Well, I’ve been offline for far too long so I want to wish you guys the absolute best for 2016.

As for me, I’ve had a rather rough start to a new year, all my valuables were stolen from me. From my laptop to my wallet to my jewelry to my go pro and some gifts I received over the holidays and for my birthday. They were all in my carry on while I was travelling and someone snatched it. It’s been pretty freaking depressing. To be honest, I don’t even know where to start from here.

Even though it’s been a shitty start, I believe that such horrible acts happen to those who are capable of dealing with shock, because its been an actual emotional shock to me. I feel like someone violated my personal space and basically stole my whole life. It’s been really tough. On the up side, I’m glad I believe in Karma because let me tell you, that son of a b**** will get what they deserve coming for them.

I have high hopes for 2016, I truly believe that there are great things to come this year and so I’ve chosen to look at this crime¬†as a speed bump on a long road to bigger, better and wonderful things. I plan on giving you guys the best I have to offer this year, so get ready, it’s gunna be a good one!

Wishing you all, a beautiful weekend!

With Love,










Pants COS
Heels Christian Louboutin
Shades The Row
Clutch Mansur Gavriel