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Hey babes!

Here’s a look I shot before the holidays, hence why there’s no snow on the ground. I can’t bare the cold, luckily I leave for Florida tomorrow. I’ll be spending the weekend with family in the sunshine state, where we’ll be celebrating my grandfather’s (nonno’s) 80th bday. Nonno means grandfather in Italian, which if you haven’t guessed means that I have Italian origins, only half though, I’m also half French Canadian.

The best part of this weekend getaway, a side from the fact that I’ll be in warm climates, i’ll also get to┬ásee my brother. About two weeks ago, I posted a picture while in New York on my instagram: @cristinamonti. I was there with my fam, condo hunting for my younger brother. He left us for a little while to pursue his passion towards music production. You guys should totally show him some love and check out his SOUNDCLOUD, he posts feel good podcasts for people who enjoy deep house, trance and every style of BPM genre.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend ahead!

With Love,







Top Halston Heritage (old)
Skirt Zara (Winter 2015 Collection)
Leather Jacket Doma
Purse Chanel 2.55