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I was on that Monday grind today, hope you guys were too. There’s no better feeling than starting the week on a good note!!!

I absolutely hate not updating you guys on the blog and social media but unfortunately I was sick in bed all of last week. My fever just kept getting the best of me. I’m finally feeling like myself again, thank god!

I’ve really been into more minimal, simple looks lately with lots of faux fur (obviously) and suede. I’ve had a recent dilemma on whether or not I should cut my hair at shoulder length? What do you guys think? Should I go for it? I’ve weighed down the pros and cons and I’ve concluded that on the upside it’ll look much more fashionable and sophisticated to go shorter. But on the downside I love long hair, it’s so feminine, beautiful and so much more versatile. Leave a comment below on whether or not you think I should go for it, because I’m having a really hard time deciding.

As for this look, camel and suede are “it” right now so if you see something you like within that description, I recommend to just go for it cus it’s hot! I also keep on seeing ripped denim everywhere, it adds an edgy coolness to any look so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something I little more avant-garde.

Wishing you guys a beautiful rest of week!





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Suede Jacket Forever 21
White Shirt Forever 21
Denim Frame Denim
Boots Saint Laurent
Shades The Row
Purse Chloe Faye