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Monday blues, that’s all that comes to mind for today. The weather has been absolutely brutal, -20 and less degrees doesn’t look or feel any good. As for someone like myself who likes to dress somewhat put together, it’s considerably hard when the weather doesn’t give you much leeway to play with. All I can say is LAYERS, that’s pretty much what gets me through the winter looking semi-fashionable.

As we all know, yesterday was Valentine’s day. The day of love. I find the fact that love is given an exact date completely ridiculous to my eyes. Love should be celebrated all 365 days with whom ever you choose to celebrate it with even if it’s solely celebrated with yourself. I just think a sentiment as beautiful and universal as love should be celebrated and appreciated at all times.

I put together a pastel pink and plum look in the spirit of Valentine’s day. Nothing screams more L.O.V.E than shades of pink and reds. Dressed the whole thing down with an awesome pair of washed out vintage ripped denim. I honestly love everything about this look, from the pastel pink silk tank to the faux fur plum jacket to the vintage denim to finally white stilettos which were purchased last year and still remain a favorite.

Wishing you a beautiful week babes!

With love,











Faux Fur Jacket Line & Dot
Vintage Levi's Editorial Boutique
Stilettos Sergio Rossi
Purse Celine