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Layering Blue



When I put this look together I thought to myself, I want to tell my readers how I layer. Just like art, it requires planning, imagination and dedication. I know I’ve mentioned over hundreds of times the importance of layering, only because it really is crucial in negative degree weather.

Let’s start with the first layer, after slipping into your undergarments, I highly recommend trying and to wear a tight tank over your bra. This way, you can tuck it into your jeans and no cold air will get under. This will already help keep your torso area warmer. (SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE REST)

Wishing you a beautiful rest of week!

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After putting on a tank, I normally wear my first layer so either a sweater, turtleneck, t-shirt or long sleeve tee. This becomes my main layer, which in this look is a chunky OneTeaspoon sweater that can either be worn tucked in or not. It’s fairly long, which means it can also be paired with a really tight pair of jeans or pants.





Always opt for a different looking and dark lens pair of shades to complete your look. It makes everything cooler and more mysterious. In this look, I’m sporting the Dior So Real shades. I thought the lens colour perfectly fitting with the whole ensemble.





The third layer is the added piece which makes everything look put together. This is the layer that really defines what you’re trying to say with your look. In this look, my third layer is a denim oversized button up jacket from Forever 21. I wanted the whole thing to feel casual, comfy, yet still cool and edgy. The denim on denim combination is exactly what made this look all of those things.




Finally, the jacket. The jacket is EVERYTHING. It’s what makes your look. Basically, I really was into blue on this day, loved the combination of it all together. Since winter is pretty much over, layering isn’t really necessary anymore, but I mean, it can still be useful on a cold Spring day so get on it and add some cute thin spring layers to your wardrobe. Voilà! This is how to layer. Leave any comments or questions below 🙂


Jacket C/O
Oversized Denim Shirt Forever 21
Denim Jeans Aritzia
Sunglasses Dior
Purse Chloe
Booties Isabel Marant
Rings Deux Lions