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Gucci, Gucci

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Some of you might wonder why the title of this post is so “labelled”. Well, if you’re fashion oriented, you must of surely noticed Gucci’s grand comeback and if you’re not fashion oriented, well here’s me telling you, Gucci is everywhere and I’m loving it! I was honestly never such a big fan of monogram as of late.

Their collection is absolutely stunning, drooling and hoping on getting my hands on their insanely gorgeous S/S 16 runway tropical green bomber, if you haven’t seen it, check it out HERE. A cool pair of Gucci loafers for Spring wouldn’t be too shabby to add to my shoe collection either. 

On another note, I’m pretty sure winter is over. Shooting this look in the middle of a snowstorm was hell, but hey all do it for that Instagram post, if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, click HERE. I’m so happy to say that Spring is on its way. Finally, gunna be rocking bare legged outfits, yassssss!

Wishing you guys a beautiful rest of week,





How cool cut and looking is this COS crisp white shirt. Ever since they opened a COS in Montreal and I discovered it around the month of November, I’ve been hooked! They have the perfect, “Is that a designer top or..” vibe, sort of like Zara. You know when you find that Zara piece that everyone thinks is designer but you’re like nah girl got it for 49.90$, yeah that kind of thing.





GUCCI, GUCCI, GUCCI, this is THE bag of the season. It’s cool, versatile, goes with almost anything and everything AND I swear it’s practically indestructible. If you don’t believe me, you can check out Class Is Internal’s youtube video (Sonya Esman) reviewing the bag. We have similar views about the gorgeous handbag and she’s just the coolest.



Leather Jacket (old) Helmut Lang
White Crisp Shirt COS
Denim Vintage Levi's
Patent Leather Booties Topshop
Sunglasses Celine
Purse Gucci