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Hips Don’t Lie, Neither Does This Outfit



I’m in Miami, is it obvious!? I booked a last minute flight on Tuesday. I needed to get away from some recent bad vibes happening back home. I would elaborate but I feel it unnecessary.┬áBasically, to make a long story short, it’s sibling stuff. If some of you have siblings, I’m sure you can relate.

I need to reconnect with palm trees, sand and the ocean for a few days, so here I am! I’m recharging so that I can give you guys the best version of The Boho Flow. Everywhere in Miami is picture perfect, you can check out some of the places I’m visiting all on my Instagram & snapchat @cristinamonti.




This look was created by simply thinking to myself “what can I wear that’ll make me feel sexy but not too provocative and still classy”… and here’s the look that I was able to bring to life. I also thought to myself, it’s too hot to wear thigh high boots but it works if I pair it with shorts. I wanted to keep the look minimal yet cool, breezy and the black boots and black shorts give the entire look more of an edge. I would recommend wearing this out to diner or for drinks with friends.




You must know by now that I love me a good denim short short. One teaspoon without a doubt, designs it best. They’re styles vary from colour wash to short length. I have a pair in about 4 different washes, what can I say, I really love me a good short short.





I would highly recommend investing in denim shorts maybe start with a classic dark blue wash. More importantly I urge you to get yourself a good white shirt. They can go one hell of a long way. It can be paired with absolutely anything and everything. It can be worn casually, as well as out to diner, even worn unbuttoned with a top under.

I personally can’t even keep track of how many white tops and shirts I own. They’re just so key to have in your wardrobe. It’s a summer MUST. Top secret side note about me, on most days, I wear my boyfriends white T-shirts with jeans, it’s my favourite uniform because it’s so easy and still looks somewhat put together.





If you guys would like to see me rock any styles in particular, please write it in a comment below. I would love to put together a recommended look.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

With Love,



Shades Celine
Jewelry Rolex , David Yurman