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Clear Trench Coat



Who knew I’d be attracted to a clear trench coat? Definitely not me. When I saw this, I died from its uniqueness. Now that I’m showing you guys how I paired it, I really wish I would of paired it with several different pieces to show how truly versatile it can be.

For one, I love its futuristic feel and the fact that it’s clear makes it such a uniquely beautiful piece. You know what else I really loved about this piece, which I only discovered once I had it in hand. It’s double layered. Yup, the black layer you see a side from my dress is a material which I guess was placed to keep warm. This layer serves to keep it all private and the plus side it can be removed. I seriously wish I would of shown off that really cool feature. Oh well, maybe and hopefully in another post. Comment below if you want to see this jacket styled differently.

Wishing you all a beautiful rest of week,





I decided to go with an all black look to really capture the idea of being a detective, spy or inspector. I was going for a more incognito look. Although, this jacket can very well be paired with basically anything.





I’m obviously wearing my big square Celine shades, when don’t I? I’m obsessed with them and when I obsess over a piece it tends to be the only thing I wear. I obsess over everything from accessories like purses, shades, shoes and jewelry. When I buy a rather out of my budget item, I like to use it to its full potential.





You can totally get a clear idea of the double layering in the shot above and below (pun not intended). All this to say, I can easily see this piece becomingĀ a staple in my closet for years to come. I’m sure I’ve mentioned in several of my other posts, a coat really completes an outfit and this one surely doesn’t go unnoticed.




Trench Coat La Marque
Shades Celine
Boots Zara
Rings Deux Lions