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All Summer Long



I’ll be wearing bodysuits all summer long… and obviously boyfriend tees. As a 20-something year old young adult, I realize I’m over a lot of styles I would of been into a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I love the occassional romper / playsuit / jumpsuit but it’s definitely not something you would catch me wearing on a day to day basis. Three years ago.. maybe, but as of right now I’m all about plunging deep V’s, side boob action, bodysuits, anything off the shoulder, shorts, sneakers, denim, denim and more denim.

A woman should know how to dress age appropriate and I believe I’m here to help you learn with me how to slowly do just that. Just like you, I’m evolving, growing, aging call it as you will times are always changing and we must adapt to them. Our age does not defy us, but the way we present ourselves will. Presentation is everything or the words of DJ Khaled “the key to success”.





You might of seen these Levi’s in THIS previous post. Ladies, I’m completely in love with Levi’s, they’re re/done brand is truly genius and beautiful. I think every girl should own at least one pair of the featured 4 different styles of denim:

  1. The classic wash skinny jean (THESE)
  2. The distressed denim (THESE are a little pricey but will go a long way. I find them absolutely stunning. I love the fact that they have an unfinished hemline and a slit right under the ass cheek.)
  3. The black denim (THESE.. they’re hot & on sale!!!)
  4. The white denim (THESE)

These four different styles of denim can bring a girl a long way and will last for years to come, trust me on this one. I would start by purchasing a pair of white and black denim in a non destroyed wash and eventually add the destroyed wash to my wardrobe. (I newly discovered how to keep my jeans in great condition. This is going to sound odd but I put them in a ziplock bag and right into the freezer they go for up to 2 days. This keeps their texture feeling new and the cold eliminates most germs and bacteria. )






I’m sure most of you might of noticed bodysuits just everywhere right now. Personally, I find them amazing. They can dress up or down any look. A bodysuit can be dressed down with a simple cotton pair of shorts and flip flops or dressed up with a pair of sick distressed jeans, booties, heels or in this case mid-heel. I just purchased this one and this one from NastyGal (they have the cutest bodysuits right now), you’ll definitely be seeing them up on the blog sometime soon.





Finally, there are times when the sun will go down and nights will get much colder. In these times, a denim jacket, open blouse or silky thin bomber like the one I have tied to my waist in this post comes in perfect hand. The fact that the flowers on the bomber compliment the colour of the bodysuit to perfection was just the added bonus to making this a “must have” summer 2k16 look.




Bodysuit Reformation
Denim Levi's
Mid Heel Zara (On Sale)
Purse Chanel 2.55 Bag
Choker / Rings Deux Lions Jewelry