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Girls Night Out Or Date Night Romper



In my last post, I spoke about key denim basics every woman should wear. I also mentioned that rompers, jumpsuits and playsuits were not articles of clothing you’d catch me wearing on a day to day basis. I give you.. a night out with my girls look or date night romper.

What makes this the perfect date night / girls night look:

1- The Deep-V plunge

2- The perfect mid-thigh lengt

3- The fact that it’s shorts and not a dress is perfect if you’re left in the dark about where your date is taking you out or if you just don’t know what your girls have planned. You never know, it might involve some physical activity and if you’re daring enough, you’ll be happy you opted for the romper rather than the dress

4- The back detailing

5- The overall fit accentuates all your assets in an attractive manner yet leaves a playful and sophisticated impression.

I think five reasons should be good enough to get you to love to wear a cute occasional romper as much as I do. If I haven’t convinced you yet, leave a comment below and I’ll post another romper to prove they’re DA bomb.





Mirrored shades are everything for summer. These are by Quay. If you don’t know, now you know. They have the best shades and at such affordable prices. Totally forgot to mention they’re an Australian based company. Australians do it best, I’ve heard that they’re country is similar to Canadian ways of living. Oh yea if you didn’t know I’m from Montreal, Canada so that makes them our sister country, which basically makes me part Australian.. NOT, I wish. Waiting for the day I’ll be visiting Sydney, that’ll be a serious check off my bucket list.






There’s something so fashion forward about pairing patterns with prints, hence the stripes (pattern) and gucci monogram bag (print). Needless to say both can be a print or a pattern, either way it looks good paired together. Also love that the brown suede flap on my bag matching my brown suede heels to perfection.





Romper Nasty Gal
Purse Gucci
Sunglasses Quay Australia