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Canadian Tuxedo



I’m dedicating this post to my favourite on-the-go look: The Canadian Tuxedo. Now, some of you might think it to be difficult to achieve that “effortless” chic denim on denim look but it’s actually fairly simple. Key to it all, make sure both denims are close in WASH, yet still different in colour to the eye. Let me elaborate by reviewing the pics below as an example.




Totally into caps lately, any cap will do. When I’m having an off hair day or just want to add a little something to a look, a cap always does the trick.




As you can clearly see, my denim button shirt is lighter in comparison to my vintage denim bottom. The top is a little more blue and the bottom has more of a greenish tone in them. All this to say, when pairing denim always make sure both pieces are different in WASH, although be careful to not pair a too light of a wash because that would than be a complete fail.





Main rule: you definitely don’t want to look as though you’re rocking a completely different denim on either the top or bottom. My best advice would be: before leaving the house quickly check yourself out in the mirror and if it seems like you’re wearing a one piece (basically all the denim pieces blend nicely to the eye), than you’ve hit gold and there you have it, the perfect Canadian tuxedo!





Added some lace ups to give the look more of a chicness vibe. This look can also be paired with a cool pair of slides, sneakers, heels, booties. It’s a pretty versatile look, which is why it’s my favourite on-the-go look. It’s an outfit that keeps you looking fashionable all while feeling cool and casual.

Button Denim Shirt Marc Jacobs
Denim Bottom Vintage Levi's
Black Purse Chloe Faye
Lace Up Heels Isabel Marant
Beige Cap Nouveau Noir (Montreal Boutique)
Love This Black Suede Cap Nasty Gal
Love This Grey Suede Cap Nasty Gal