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Girl On A Mission



There’s nothing quite better than a comfy statement look. I don’t really have any specific tricks on how to attain that “effortless” cool girl outfit.¬†Although I do believe that if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing it’ll just naturally always look good.

Boyfriend jeans are a wardrobe must for every girl. Boys don’t like them but girls will love them for the sole purpose of casual cool comfort. I love this one pair. As you might of already noticed, I’m a pretty big One Teaspoon lover. They’re jeans are some of my favourites.





Bought these round shades in the beginning of summer. They’re my every day sunglasses as of late. I’m also very much in love with the Chloe round shades or basically any cute affordable ones that look somewhat expensive (Quay always has really good ones).





I’m currently into top buns. little braids and rings in hair.




Jeans One Teaspoon
Shades The Row
Sandals Joie
Sweater Vince