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Blushing Over Denim



I have to admit, I’ve never been a dress over jeans type of girl. I always thought the trend to be I dunno not flattering, that is until now. I wanted to find a way to hide the fade on the thigh area of these Rag & Bone jeans all while exposing the ripped knees. Hence, the idea of the dress over denim look. This dress was at a perfect length to hide the areas of the denim I didn’t like and expose the areas of the denim I did like.




Blush / powder pink seems to still have quite a strong influence this Fall which I absolutely love. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a velvet blush couch for my office. If you know a place where I can find one, please leave a comment below. As you might already know, I’m always into dainty rings and necklaces. Deux lions is my favourite jewelry line and you should totally check them out.





I wanna tell you a little story about my Celine box bag. I immediately fell in love with it when I laid my eyes on it in Rome. I wanna give everyone out there a heads up. If you’re thinking of purchasing a white snakeskin bag or any accessory really, I would definitely recommend to think twice for the sole purpose that it will get extremely ruined. By that I mean, the sun will change its colour to a yellow piss tint (that’s what happened to my beautiful Celine).

For future reference, I now find it crucial to keep all white leathers or animal skins away from sun, dirt, floors, tables, surfaces or anything that will damage your goods through exposure. It really bothers me how drastic the change in colour has been, yet someone told me that it looks vintage now so I try to convince myself of that.





Wishing you all a beautiful week!!!

Dress Zara
Denim Rag & Bone
Heels Isabel Marant
Rings & Necklaces Deux Lions Jewelry
Purse Celine