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I find myself in complete loss of inspiration as of late. Thankfully, Fashion month has been flooding my social media with vibrance, textures, styles and all things inspirational. For the past two seasons, I’ve done this thing where I make a visual mood board for the upcoming months to help with how I visually want everything to appear. It’s really helped me put what I want to recreate on the blog and my social media platforms into a distinct perspective.





Hairstyle talk. As you might of noticed, I’m pretty big on anything with a bun; top bun, knotted bun, low bun. It’s the easiest hair style. That’s a lie, the easiest hairstyle is a ponytail, which is also my favourite up-do. I’ve always admired a girl that can make a really sick braid. I have yet to learn how to braid my own hair in other styles aside from the classic braid and fishtail. Making a headband braid is definitely on my list of styles to learn how to recreate.





I lived in these Chloe sandals this summer, they were so easy to pair with literally any and every outfit. There’s not much to say about this look. The jeans are vintage Levi’s, which I’ve been living in. The kimono is one of my absolute favourite pieces for Fall. I’ll be sporting another sick one from All Saints in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eye out for that!

My top and kimono were purchased at this little boutique called Oak + Fort in Toronto. The boutique really had such an incredible selection of basics. I heard through the grapevine that they should be opening one in Montreal, keeping my fingers crossed! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this look as well as the jacket I’ll be sporting in a few weeks and if any of you have ever visited any of the Oak + Fort boutiques so leave a cute little comment below! 😀

Wishing you all a beautiful end to a hopefully proactive and good week!