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Laid out above are all the key cosmetics needed for an everyday natural “no makeup” look. Ever since I was a young girl starting to learn about makeup and such, I’ve loved Lise Watier.

I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to makeup, by that I mean every single time I apply makeup, my eyes tear, most probably from tiredness. I’m glad to say that Lise Watier has never my eyes feel heavy or tearing and with this amazing brand my skin stays glowing all day long.

I’ve taken the liberty in laying out every step of my every day makeup routine below. Enjoy and leave a comment if you enjoyed this post and would like more beauty related posts.



STEP 1: Lise Watier Base Miracle Radiance

Alright ladies so if you don’t know anything about makeup, I’m here to help narrow it down for you.

First, you’ll either need a tinted moisturizer, foundation or bb cream, whichever you rather as coverage will suffice. On a day-to-day basis I very much enjoy wearing a tinted moisturizer. It keeps my skin glowy and hydrated without the heavy coverage of a foundation.

Now, to give my skin that little extra glow, I love to mix my tinted moisturizer with my base miracle radiance by Lise Watier. This is no a joke, my skin thanks me everytime I mix both. If you have naturally flawless skin and don’t need any coverage simply applying base miracle radiance will make your skin glow all day long. By the end of your day, people will die to know your secret to effortlessly glowing skin.


STEP 2: Lise Watier Ombré Soufflé Suprême in shade Lingerie

This is a product ever girl should considering investing in. Be sure to apply your concealer or eyelid primer to your lids before applying this silky, airy eyeshadow. The concealer or primer part is important in order for this “do-y” eyeshadow not to fade in an hour or crease.

After your concealer or primer has set, start applying the ombré soufflé suprême all around the lid. This colour is my absolute favourite because it gives me that I just came back from the beach glow. Talk about the perfect eyeshadow.


STEP 3: Palette Arabesque 5 Colour EyeShadow shade Isadora

This is my all time favourite part, the blending of shades to create that perfect everyday light / natural smokey eye. The beauty of this eyeshadow palette is the subtle shimmering in the absolutely perfect earth tone palette.

When applying eyeshadow always start at the base from lightest and work your way up to the crease of the lid to darkest. For an everyday look, I opt for the previously mentioned ombré soufflé suprême light, creamy shadow and a mixture between the 3rd and 4th eyeshadow shade for my eyelid crease.


STEP 4: Gelée Soufflée Lumière Face & Body

This step isn’t for everyone but it’s for my girls who love highlighting. This jelly illuminator will have all the right angles of your face illuminated to the T. I like to use it on my cheekbones, my nose bone, a touch of it on my chin and voilà! All pretty and well highlighted, thanks to Lise Watier.



STEP 5: Trio Arabesque Illuminating Powders

This is my all time favourite product of the Arabesque line. It’s the BEST highlighter. It’s light and enhances radiance to just the right amount. There are some days where I just like to apply one shade out of the 3 three powders and other days when I really want to make a statement I apply all 3. It’s one of the best christmas gifts you can ever get someone.


Here’s an example of what my makeup looks like for a night out. In this example, I used the 5 colour arabesque eyeshadow palette in the shade coppeélia to give myself a more dramatic look. I’m also wearing one of my favourite lipsticks from this line called Crème brulée

Base Miracle Radiance Blurring Effect Primer
Ombré Soufflé Suprême Shade Lingerie
Palette Arabesque 5 Colour EyeShadow Shade Isadora
Gelée Soufflée Lumière Face & Body Jelly Illuminator
Trio Arabesque Illuminating Powders Highlighter