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Finally back home for a little while. The month of April was definitely one for the books, from Coachella in Palm Springs to Miami for my girlfriends bachelorette. It’s been real! Now that I’m back home, I’m ready to conquer some exciting new projects and create fresh content for you guys. So, let’s get to it: raincoats!

When I came across this raincoat brand at James, a little boutique here in Montreal, I was speechless. How often is it that you’re able to find a raincoat that’s so versatile and chic. This jacket is full proof that there really is beauty in simplicity.

Choosing this leather skirt was a no brainer. Double belts are all the rage atm! The side zippers aren’t too bad either.

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge these dope ass socks. Gucci killed it for yet another season with their tees, sweaters, sneakers, purses and socks. These were offered in both green / red and blue / red. I opted for the green / red, cus I love me some classic Gucci.

Side note: they’re now completely ruined due to my lack of laundry etiquette.

If you live someplace where it doesn’t cease to rain, I highly recommend investing in a STUTTERHEIM raincoat. They’re offered in so many different styles and colours, you’re bound to find one you’ll love. I chose this neutral colour to have the wide range of pairing my raincoat with any look.

RAINCOAT Stutterheim
TEE Villebrequin
SHOES Dr.Martens