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What better way to start a new year than with long lasting small new routines or habits. In this blog post you’ll find some of the habits I’ve developed throughout the years that stuck while others are ones I’m focusing on doing more of this year.


Honestly never thought I’d be the type of person to workout on a regular basis. However, 5 years later, with the help of some accountability partners, a few apps, some Youtube videos, cute workout fits, trainers and friends, here I am preaching about exercise.

As you may already know, exercise is an important key to longevity. I strongly believe in the power of exercise. By exercise, I mean doing anything that involves moving your body. Some of the platforms and influencers that get my ass moving are Fitplan, The Pilates Class, any and all of Sami Clarke‘s workouts as well as Pamela RF, Caro Daur and my personal favorite Stacy Lel Fitness. Stacy is my favourite barre trainer whenever I’m home. Her workouts are sure to help you feel your most confident and strongest self.

Under each point you’ll find carousels with items I use on the regular that really put me in the mindset of moving my body. That being, cute workout clothes, a durable water bottle that will get you through the day, a workout mat, weights and others.


There’s really no better way to start a new year than with new goals, new habits and even bigger dreams. In order for any goal to become a reality, it’s important to manifest, visualize, plan and execute. After all, goals are dreams with deadlines.

Over the weekend, I cleaned / organized my home from the inside out. I also cleansed it with some Palo Santo sticks. I’m a strong believer in the power of the universe. Using Palo Santo or Sage to cleanse any space will rid it of bad vibes or intentions, making room for all those positive badass vibrations.

That being said, you’ll need a daily planner as well as a clear vision on a board / paper (I recommend creating a vision board through pinterest or on Excel, it’s the easiest way of creating one).

I start most mornings with a large bottle of water, followed by an espresso (if I’m intermittent fasting) or coffee, the making of my bed, lighting of a candle and I put on a playlist to set the mood. Journaling is also something I developed in 2020, hoping on carrying it through this year. Sharing some of my favourite daily planners, candles, office pens and accessories below.


I’ve always been very passionate about nutrition. I love love love food. I’m so incredibly grateful my mom instilled this great habit in me at such a young age.

The biggest and simplest take away I could give when it comes to nutrition would be to remain hydrated. Fruits and veggies are your best friend. Try staying away from night snacking and processed foods. I obviously indulge in both at times but the best would be to stay away from it, so we’re definitely going to try to do better for 2021. Your skin and stomach will thank you.

I like to intermittent fast. It really helps my body reset and get back into gear. Sharing kitchen tools that simplify my life below like my famous Nespresso tray . The nutri bullet is also a kitchen tool used to make EVERYTHING from homemade pesto sauce to daily smoothies and more.


Quarantine allowed me to fall in love with podcasts. Some of my favourite podcasts are by Ed Mylett, The Skinny Confidential, Joe Rogan and obvi Anything goes with Emma Chamberlain. Podcasts are such a great way of educating yourself on topics while also being able to do other tasks like exercising, tidying up, driving and so on.

This year I’m hoping on diving deeper into audiobooks and hard cover books. Luckily, we live in a time where we can educate ourselves on pretty much any topic online. I think it’s so important to constantly stimulate your mind. A great way of doing so in a fun matter could be playing board games with friends, watching documentaries, singing up to online classes, basically investing in yourself.

Sharing books that have resonated with me as well as some decorative coffee table books I enjoy below.


Lastly, self love is the most important love. Believing in yourself is the secret to all long lasting success. That is why taking care of yourself first is crucial for mental and physical wellness.

That being said, early birds get the worm. The most incredibly accurate saying you’ll ever hear. This has been the most difficult habit for me to develop. I’m totally a night owl and as hard as I’ve tried thus far, I just can’t seem to wake up earlier than 8:30am.

I’m working on changing that habit this year. The Alarmy app has really helped with my morning routine. In the night-time, I like to take a long hot shower, indulge in some skincare and head over to bed with some sleepytime tea. Leaving a link HERE of my some of my favourite Sephora skincare products.

Always try to fit in some daily time for yourself, whether it be through meditation, working out, reading, journalling, watching TV or a relaxing bath. Do it for you. Make yourself a priority.