Hi babes,

Before I begin giving you an understanding as to why this blog was created, let me start by giving you a background check of myself. I’m currently a university student and if we’re going to be dead honest I think University/College is for those who seek a job in a specific field that requires education. Like a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer, everything else requires a dream and a drive. I believe that once you have created a vision with both ingredients there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished.

There once was a time when my purpose of creating a blog was to share my passion for music with my followers. I dreamt of singing on stages across the world all while moving people to my music. I’m not quite sure if I’m at that point in my life anymore, don’t get me wrong I still adore singing and music and I eventually plan on sharing some musical projects with you guys but for now my main focus is to give my readers and followers what they want.. a free spirited loving lifestyle.

Besides my great love for everything I believe to be beautiful, I have an insatiable passion for fashion & travelling as well. Fashion bloggers were my main inspiration/motivation, which led me to realize that I could very well create my own personal space and the result is The Boho Flow.

I hope to inspire you in anyway that I possibly can by bringing style, music, joy and everything beautiful come to life on my personal blog The Boho Flow.

It means so much to be able to share everything I love with you guys, thanks for following!!!

With Love,