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A Floral Market

“ Happy Monday Everyone! Yesterday was all about buying some healthy essentials for the upcoming week. I went to the atwater market to get some fresh fruits and vegetables, they have the best choices for pretty much any kind of food. Here are some shots taken at the market. Have a great week, Enjoy! xox Avocados’ […] ”
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Laid back

“  Yesterday was all about a relaxed look at the base of the beautiful mountain Mont-Tremblant, a few hours north of Montreal. This was about as nice as the weather got considering the rain showers that came pouring down seconds later. Be sure to follow on bloglovin and instagram @cristinamonti, to stay updated with The Boho […] ”
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“ I’M ON BLOGLOVIN’! Some of you might not know what bloglovin’ is, well let me tell you, it’s the best search engine that’s ever happened to blogs. Basically, by creating an account it allows you to follow and manage all of your favourite blogs. I adore bloglovin’ for it’s simplicity and efficiency, it’s the best […] ”
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“ Leather Shorts In Summer   It’s Wednesday, which means the week is almost over. The weather in Montreal has been so beautiful lately that there’s not much of a big urge to escape for palm tree’s and pina colada’s. Although, I may be regretting those words in a few months, taking advantage of days like […] ”
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Weekend Playlist

“ Model Kate Bosworth / TopShop Campaign  TGIF! I’m currently packing at a lighting quick rate, since I have a plane to catch in about 45 minutes! I’m off to New York and really wanted to give you babes a playlist with a few of my favourite songs at the moment. You might notice how the […] ”
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